SWAMP: Simple, Web-based, Access Management Program

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  1. I agree to use the corpora at the Text Laboratory, University of Oslo, for research purposes only
  2. I promise not to distribute my password to any person or institution. Note: Choose a password that is different from the one you normally use!
  3. In any published or unpublished material that has benefitted from use of the corpora, I will ensure that a proper reference to the corpora by their name and Internet-address is included.
  4. For spoken language corpora, and multimodal corpora, the following additional criteria obtain:
    1. Speech and video cuts must not be used commercially, but only be used for research and development.
    2. Every individual researcher is responsible for treating the participants with resepct and sincerity. Furthermore, the informants in the corpora should be anonymized, e.g. by changing their names, in every published paper or other scientific work.
    3. Audio and video excerpts cannot be shown in public unless you have an agreement with the Text Laboratory.

Note! For some corpora, you need to submit a special application in addition to filling in the form below. The following links provide further information for these corpora:

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